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What is Code4Jr?

We are online learning platform for young students. We believe in making the new generation the creators instead of being just the users of technology. so, we are empowering our new generation to innovate by teaching them coding as 21st Century necessary skill.

What Age is Suitable to Learn Coding for Kids?

Young kids can easily learn new things and concepts. So ages 6-12 years is good time to start learning coding.
Code4jr coding course teach the coding fundamentals fun-way by making storytelling, animation, games, music, puzzle and more!!

Why Your Child Should Learn to Code?

In digital age, Kids have access to mobile phones, games and more. Instead of just being the user of the technology, online coding classes help them to create their own program, games, story and more. Coding also help kids learn more about the critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and more.

How are the classes conducted?

We conduct live interactive online sessions, where our expert mentors teach coding in fun way. We conduct classes once or twice a week. You can choose between weekdays or weekend batches as per your schedule.

How do I register my child with code4jr?

You can schedule free trial session from our website www.code4jr.com
or you can contact us on support@code4jr.com

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